🔥Foldable Curble Posture Correction Chair (Comfy) 🔥 Ergonomic Design 🔥 Lumbar Support


🔥Foldable Curble Posture Correction Chair🔥
~Hold UPTO 120KG
~Foldable Design  – easy for travelling.
~Good for OL/ Gamer / Student.
~Support back + Waist
~Comfort Memory Foam Soft and have a good air flow.
~Won’t feel hot when sit on it.

Wrong Postures are the direct link to various spinal diseases such as scoliosis and slipped disc etc. A bad posture places significant and continuous stress on our spine, compresses our discs and caused a herniation of the disc.

Your Spinal Health begins from the correct posture!

The Correct Sitting Posture

is the one that does not put stress on your spine. The load on your spine disperses safely when your check in open through the lifting of your lumbar, your chin is slightly tucked in and when your cervical and lumbar spine are aligned.

You are in a good posture when your ear, shoulder and pelvis are aligned in a straight line with a natural S-Shaped curve in your spine.

Curble Chair is recommended for

– A person who experiences backaches, stiff neck and shoulder while sitting

– A person who wants to correct their sitting posture

– A person who wants to maintain a healthy spine line

– Office worker / Student that spends long hours sitting on a chair

Product Features

Dispersion of Waist Pressure

Curble Chair naturally brings hips together to disperse the pressure concentrated on the waist to allow users to sit comfortably for longer periods. Curble Chair support with sophisticated ergonomic design and high elastic material that is able to endure a compressive load of up to 180kg to comfortably support your waist

Optimum Angle to Raise your Waist Upright

Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 14 degree, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, Curble Chair’s support pushes our waist naturally to make the correct posture.

Professional Mechanism with Leverage Effect

The highly elastic support with the principle of the lever ensures correct posture for your spine and waist at all times. Sitting in a correct posture reduces the pressure on the spine by up to 30%

Sitting > Coccyx Lifted > Supporting Waist

Ergonomic Design with High Elasticity

Ergonomic design adds comfort to your back

Air Hallway System

Allows air to circulate smoothly, dissipating the heat and sweat. Provides comfort for a longer period of time

Dual Structure Cushion & Fabric

Helps your body and chair better stick together and hold either side of the waist softly and firmly

Optimal Frame for the Pelvic Bone

Curble Chair is designed to an optimum size to provide support and to gather your twisted pelvic bones naturally

Curble Chair can be used ANYWHERE

1) Living Room

2) Couch

2) Office Desk

3) While Studying

4) In a car

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