🔥 DUER AIRCON Cleaner 🔥Bundle of 2 🔥 Aircon Cleaning Spray


DUER Aircon Cleaning 
Most Cost saving cleaning product.
1 bottle can clean 2~3 aircon.
suitable for most of the aircon.
Remove Odor
Extend Aircon LifeSpan
Time saving
Anti bacterialSafety Remarks:
Flammable Gas.
DON’T on the power for min 30 mins after the cleaning done.

NEW Model no longer need the Straw 

Simple Step:
1. open the windows.
2. Remove the safety cap from the bottle.
3. Off the Aircon Power.
4. Remove the aircon filter. Put some newspaper below the aircon before the cleaning.
5. Spray 1x on the aircon (5-10cm distance) and also on the aircon filter itself.
6. leave it for min 15 mins for self cleaning. after that u may clean the foam with towel.
7. After 30 minutes then on the power and set for lowest °C for 15 mins.
8. all the dirty water will flow out thru the aircon pipe.
9. Cleaning process done. U may se to normal temperature.

-Dipropylene Glycol
-Citric Acid

Remarks: Not work on the old stains.

Cleaning Steps:
– shake the bottle.
– Press the bottle and apply the solutions on the stains.
– Brush the stains in 1 direction.
– stains removed.
– clean the solution with clean towel.
– Done.
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